Population: The aboriginal population decreased by 40-50 percent when the British arrived in Australia because of problems such as disease and famine caused by the British. Before the British arrived there around 250 different aboriginal tribes, the arrival of the British and British imperialism caused more than 200 of these to be extinct today.

Political Autonomy: The mode of lifestyle varied greatly between the different aboriginal cultures of Australia, but many of them lived hunter-gatherer type lifestyles,and when the British arrived this changed to a more trading based lifestyle.

Culture and language: When the British colonized Australia they marginalized the aboriginals.  This affected the Aboriginals culture and their native language. Also the arrival of the British brought English, resulting in Australia becoming an English speaking country.

Land and resources: The British colonizing Australia also affected Australia's Land and Resources. The British colonies took many resources and a large amount of land from Australia. Many of these resources were wasted/ were not used to their full extent.

Economic Well-being: The colonization of Australia by the British also affected Australia’s overall Economic Well-being. The effect on the Economic Well-being was both negative and positive. The economic effect on Britain because of imperialism was a positive effect, but to the natives of Australia it was mostly negative, because the Europeans took advantage of them.


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